What inspires you?

When I was a child I was at times a bit of a day dreamer.  I loved to lay on the lawn and watch puffy white clouds float by.  I imagined what things the clouds resembled.  I watched our chickens scratch around in the gardens.  I loved the smell of our sycamore tree on a warm day.  I could read, draw and paint with poster paints on news print for as long as I was allowed.  

I am still like that today.  I am now the one scratching around in the garden. I love to garden.  Seeing flowers, fruits and vegetables which are the produce of my gardens inspires me to draw, paint and photograph them and then to prepare them for my family and  others.  My husband and I plant trees and memorialize the lives of those whom we love and respect.  I still study and practice drawing and painting. Like a lot of other people I do not  spend as much of my time now as I would like to in creative efforts.  Are you like that, too?

Please share with us what inspires you.

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