What does your Heart need?

That’s a big question! Are we talking about the heart that needs a baby aspirin every morning? Is it the heart that is strong and accomplishes amazing physical feats? Is it the heart that guides our better instincts to do good? Is it the heart that falls in love with someone or maybe something? Is it the heart that becomes overwhelmed with compassion for others?

What is Heart?

It is associated with religious and spiritual symbols, as well as the profane and sexual, or even with evil. As well as being used to indicate a wide range of emotions, the heart is associated with spiritual symbolism in addition to human love.’”

The dictionary, of course, doesn’t give us a story using the many facets of the heart and how it functions in our lives. Perhaps each of you reading this can help to build some thoughts and ideas about what heart has meant to you.

Here is your forum. We look forward to hearing from you!

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